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When it comes to today’s online marketplace, how do you handle security when it comes to your digital privacy and corporate assets? Whether you are a small business working to expand, or a Fortune 500 company whose employment turnaround leaves open doors in the network, there are myriad attacks that can put your business at risk.


From phishing attacks to proxy sniffing, from government trampling of private data to crime syndicates working below in the Deep Web, to globally-funded teams specifically working on digital exploitation for gain – the threats to your network security are constantly evolving.

Yes, it can be a scary place out there, and I can help.

My name is Michael and I own Sof Digital, a boutique outfit specializing in testing networks (pen-testing), finding vulnerabilities, and creating a comprehensive assessment for my clients. Armed with this report, clients are fully equipped to tighten up network security, eliminate exposures, and get their businesses battle ready.

In the online market, it is essential to be strenuous in your security stance. Network penetration testing is the first step to getting the security you deserve, so you can focus on the business at hand.

Contact me today for a free pen-testing quote, and feel free to browse the site’s blog section to stay up-to-date with the latest in digital security.

~ Michael