I feel it is very important to know who your penetration tester is, to understand his philosophy both in regards to network security, and on a more personal level. As your pen-tester, my role is to perform assessments on your network and also to make you feel your data is in experienced hands.



It seems I have always had a love of the command line and a passion for all things computer. Going through old family videos years ago reveals the moment when I got my first pc. (I hugged the box.) I loved growing up during the early days of the internet, watching the evolution of the Web and its exciting changes. 14.4 baud dial ups gave way to AOL, Prodigy and CompuServe. Cable hook ups and ubiquitous WiFi are revolutionizing the way we give and receive data, like the text that you are reading right now. To this day, I study network security for business and for pleasure, and I am always hungry for more.

In addition to a background in computers, I grew up the son of successful family business-owners. Helping out my parents gave me the opportunity to work at many different places and have a variety of responsibilities. I gained experience with residential and corporate clientele, trained employees, and used my expertise to redesign and maintain the company’s internal network.



When I left the family business, I went to school for law and worked under the litigation director at a Legal Aid society in downtown Milwaukee. Here I worked on class action lawsuits against bad business practices by major corporations and honored court decrees to oversee local law enforcement operations in regards to jail conditions and prisoner treatment.


After working in the legal system, I decided to barter my computer expertise and started Sof Digital. I went back to college to brush up on my network security skills and found myself teaching the instructor as well as the students, so I decided to pass on additional classes. I focused on building my business and directed my learning towards topics most relevant to my clients’ security needs.



Business is about providing something of good quality while keeping the exchange even, and the business of pen-testing is no different. And network security is a very touchy undertaking; basically, I’m trying to break into your network to make sure that no one else can. If I put my hands on your network and it becomes compromised, it can mean one of two things: either I missed a door for an attacker to exploit, or I compromised the network myself. So you can imagine I take it very seriously when I stamp a network secure under my name.

After testing, I provide clients with extremely detailed reports that leave no nook or cranny unexplored. I utilize cutting edge technologies and instruct my clients how to defend themselves. Sof Digital customers enjoy true peace of mind, knowing their networks are no longer low-hanging fruit for the true black hat hackers of the world.

I always work with Non-Disclosure Agreements and handle all legal issues personally. I want my clients to have confidence that any security issue I find will not be shared with anyone. That means attackers, corporations, or governments – not anyone. Your data is considered top secret, and I am completely bonded to keep everyone secure.

I look forward to helping you beef up the security of your network!