Are you looking for a tool to consolidate all your online passwords?

After testing many password databases, I have found KeepassX to be the simpliest, yet most effective password locker out there. Here is a shot of its simple interface.


KeepassX Features

  • Extensive management
  • Search functionality
  • Autofill
  • Database security
  • Automatic generation of secure passwords
  • Encryption (AES or Twofish)
  • Import and export entries
  • Cross Platform
  • Free!

Having a password locker not only protects your passwords in a secure application but organizes your passwords by group. Each entry has options to store title, username, url, password, comments, as well as attachments.


Can’t think of new unique passwords for your expired passwords?

Password strength is extremely important. However, coming up with new passwords after expiration is always something that I find to be a pain. Crackers have gigabytes of password lists so if your password is weak, it is probably in their lists. What if you had access to a password generator that has options to generate to the parameters of your account policy yet allowing the most secure password as possible. KeepassX has you covered here and this is probably my most favorite feature. This allows you to specify the length and character groups for your password.


Will this keep out attackers?

Network security is a game of cat and mouse. However, the more tools the mouse has it keeps the cat at bay. If you want to keep your accounts as secure as possible, KeepassX is the best password storage and generator out there. Try KeepassX today to see what I am talking about. It’s cross-platform so you should be good to go.

Visit the website and grab a copy today at