Penetration testing, huh?


Hey, it’s not as complicated as you think! Pen-testers are actually trained computer security technicians that are hired to prod and poke at a network to find out where all vulnerabilities are located. Testers have to know the tools they use and what could potentially damage a network or slow up production while locating open doors during testing.


There are many areas of exposure in a computer network: content management systems like WordPress, email servers, database servers that hold all your client data, man-in-the-middle attacks on your wireless access points, phishing attacks on your corporate officers to obtain network password, and even disgruntled employees siphoning off sensitive information.

There’s a reason I call myself a pen-test ninja. I handle full network scanning to digital private investigating on malicious activity on your network. My main areas are reconnaissance, infrastructure assessments, web and network testing, using either a white box or black box test.

White box means that the test is performed with the proper credentials to look for exploits that may not be visible to external eyes, yet are still open for a “Hail Mary” attack. Black box is a test approach from an external attacker with absolutely no credentials, to see how far a skilled hacker can get in due to lack of security policy. I find my clients prefer black box as it covers most of your network firewall and keeps liability out of my hands as regards my clients’ passwords, as well as the transfer of those types of keys without proper transfer procedures setup.

Let’s discuss your pen-testing needs, and how Sof Digital can meet those needs in the way you’re most comfortable. I am always ready for the adventure of providing for a new client.